Amper provides the best and most modern data center solutions, tailored to your needs, ensuring maximum availability, operational redundancy, security and continuity in technological renovation. We adapt their current data center and make it more effective, we have an excellent team of professionals trained in top companies worldwide that can offer a work of excellence in every project we do.

  • Analysis and evaluation according to the location of infrastructure and Data Center.

  • Data Centers Diagnosis and Monitoring.

  • Assessment, planning and design of projects to update the infrastructure of data centers.
  • Development of strategies for strengthen a data center.

  • Virtual server protection.
  • Databases that comply with the following characteristics: critical availability and security level required information.
  • Database Solutions for small, medium and large businesses.
  • Analysis, implementation, administration and database solutions.
  • DataWarehouse solutions for Intelligence businness.
  • High availability architecture and continuity for heterogeneous  environments.
  • Virtualization for efficient management of servers capabilities.